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2019 | Vol 4(1) | Issue 1(January-February)

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Development and characterization of prolonged release Timolol maleate cubosomal gel for ocular drug delivery
Ankit Acharya, Prakash Goudanavar, Vedamurthy Joshi


Antibacterial activity of Cassia alata Linn (Acapulco) roots and barks crude extracts
Jessa L. Carpio, Perth Kenessa P. Ambida


Antioxidant potential of Solanum torvum (L.) seed extract using in-vitro models
K. Baskaran, N. Nirmaladevi, M. A. Rathi


Formulation development and evaluation of Transferosomal drug delivery for effective treatment of acne
Jay Prakash Sahu, Anwar Iqbal Khan, Rahul Maurya, Ajay Kumar Shukla


Antibacterial property of Auricularia polytricha Mont. and Trametes versicolor Linn.
Jiph Daniel L. Sanico, Manuela Cecille G. Vicencio

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