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2019  |  Vol: 4(2)  |  Issue: 2(March-April) |
Antimicrobial agents from natural sources: An overview

Rakesh Kumar Paul1, Dibyendu Dutta1, Dipesh Chakraborty2, Arabinda Nayak1, Prabir Kumar Dutta1, Mrinmoy Nag1*

1Department of Pharmaceutical Science, Bengal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research, Durgapur-711212, India.

2Department of Pharmaceutical Science, Dr. B.C.Roy College of Pharmacy& Allied Health Sciences,Durgapur-711212, India.

*Address for Corresponding author

Dr. Mrinmoy Nag

Assistant professor

Bengal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research

Durgapur 711232, India


The use of natural antimicrobial agents in surrounding area has achieved great importance in the field of pharmaceutical industry. This is due to great challenge against microbes which causes pathogenic resistance by the mishandling and misuse of antibiotics. Now a day’s many synthetic and semi synthetic antibiotics are available which has lot of side effect as well as very expensive. So, alternative natural antimicrobial agents search from natural sources with minimum side effect which prompt the safety and quality of pharmaceutical products. Plant has storage of many secondary metabolites which plays crucial roles in microbial infection. Likewise plants animal’s products also having antimicrobial agents like Exoskeletons, Milk, and Egg Albumin etc. A large collection of bio-molecules from marine organisms also showed a great interest to compete with pathogenic microbes. This review article represents the antibacterial activity of natural products including plants and animals which are derived from land and marine sources.

Keywords: Antimicrobial, natural, land sources, marine sources

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