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2020  |  Vol: 5(5)  |  Issue: 5 (September- October) |
GC-MS profile and phytochemical analysis of methanol extract of Atalantia racemosa Wight ex Hook leaves

K. Saraswathi1 B. Mahalakshmi2, V. Rajesh3, P. Arumugam3*

1Karpaga Vinayaga College of Engineering and Technology, Madhuranthagam, Kancheepuram-603 308, Tamil Nadu, India

2Meenakshi College for Women, Kodambakkam, Chennai-600 024, Tamil Nadu, India

3ARMATS Biotek Training and Research Institute, Guindy, Chennai-600 032, Tamil Nadu, India

*Address for Corresponding author

Dr. P. Arumugam

Industrial Fermentation Technology Division, ARMATS Biotek Training and Research Institute, Chennai-600 032, Tamil Nadu, India



Objective: Atalantia racemosa belongs to the family Rutaceae, comprises of 11 species which are closely-related. The present study was mainly done to evaluate and identify the phyto-compounds present in the leaves of Atalantia racemosa. Materials and Methods: Phytochemical analysis and Thin layer chromatography proved to be a potent method for the presence of phyto-constituents. Also, the GC-MS analysis was performed in order to find out the active compounds in the extract which might be responsible for antioxidant, antibacterial activity. Results: Phytochemical investigation revealed the presence of phenols, flavonoids, steroids, terpenoids, etc. Toluene: Ethyl acetate: Methanol was preferred as the solvent system for the separation of compounds by chromatographic technique. The study revealed that Atalantia racemosa explored seven to eight bioactive compounds such as Beta-Asarone, Cis-Lanceol, Catechol from GC-MS analysis. Conclusion: The leaves of Atalantia racemosa could be considered as a potent antioxidant source against many free radicals, antibacterial activity. Presence of phenolic compounds, flavonoids might be responsible for antioxidant activity. Tannin-rich compounds would be definitely responsible for antibacterial activity.

Keywords: Catechol, flavonoids, GC-MS, phenols, steroids, retention time, thin layer chromatography

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