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2018  |  Vol: 3(5)  |  Issue: 5 (September- October) |
Perspectives on regulatory actions of liver X receptors (LXR) in obesity

Yash Prashar, Manisha Singha, Imroze Singh  

Department of Pharmacology, Rayat Institute of Pharmacy, Railmajra, Distt. S.B.S Nagar, Punjab, India

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Yash Prashar

Department of Pharmacology

Rayat Institute of Pharmacy, Railmajra, Distt. S.B.S Nagar, Punjab, India


Liver X receptors are cholesterol sensing receptors and are the members of nuclear receptor superfamily. LXRs are generally present in two isoforms LXR α and LXR β. Initially LXRs were isolated as Orphan receptors form a rat cDNA libraray from oligonucleotide probe. In this review we focus on regulatory actions of LXR in obesity. LXRs directly act on various target genes like ABCA1, ABCG1, ABCG8, GLUT4, and various other rate limiting enzymes like PEPCK, G6P, F6P and thus play a crucial role in the therapeutics of obesity. LXR potentially interferes with obesity by different signaling pathways. The first is through ABC genes by promoting elimination of excess body cholesterol through lipid removal pathway from cholesterol loaded macrophages and intestinal lumen. The second is through by the up-regulation of GLUT4 expression by increasing glucose uptake by peripheral tissues and the third approach is through the inhibitory action on rate limiting enzymes PCPCK, G6P, F6P that ultimately suppress hepatic glucose production. These physiological roles of LXR indicate that it is an interesting potential target for drug treatment of obesity

Keywords: liver X receptors, obesity, ABC transporters, GLUT4, rate limiting enzymes (PEPCK, G6P, F6P)

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