Clinical Study

2017  |  Vol: 2(4)  |  Issue: 4 (July- August)
A Cross-Sectional Study of Client Satisfaction to Wards Services Received at Boru Meda Hospital Pharmacy on OPD Basis and Community Pharmacy

Abebaw Tegegne Damtiea*, Assen Muhe Getahunb

aPharmacologist in Dessie Health Science College, Dessie, Ethiopia

bSenior Pharmacist in Boru Meda Hospital Community Pharmacy, Dessie, Ethiopia

*Corresponding author

Mr Abebaw Tegegne Damtie

Department of pharmacy,

Dessie Health Science College, Mobil (251)0910299395; fax: 0333124965;   


Background: Client satisfaction is a multidimensional construct that reflects the quality of service provided by healthcare providers. The objective of this study was to develop a client satisfaction scale that could be used to assess the quality of pharmacy services provided in Boru Meda hospital community and hospital pharmacy in respect of client perception of specific aspects of service performance. Methods: Institutional based quantitative cross sectional study was conducted with clients exit interview at hospital outpatient pharmacy and community pharmacy during the period from February 30, 2017 to March 30, 2017. The study was carried out in 417 participants who were selected by systematic random sampling technique. The data was collected on predesigned and pretested questionnaire. Results: Regarding availability of pharmaceutical items at community pharmacy114 (54%) had gotten a chance of all prescribed items. About patronage of participants 153(72.5%) were repeat visit in community pharmacy. with regards the courtesy and respect shown by the pharmacy staff 96.7%, 95.6% participants were found satisfied in community and hospital pharmacy respectively. Near about 39(18.5%) participants in community pharmacy and 70(34%) participants in hospital pharmacy replied that they were unsatisfied with information gives about the proper storage of their medication. Conclusions:  This study showed that the overall satisfaction level of clients of both hospital and community pharmacy was high. About fairness of cost of medications in the community pharmacy only 6(2.8%) were found very dissatisfactory, whereas 3(1.5%) Participants at hospital pharmacy were very dissatisfactory.

Keywords: Satisfaction, Pharmacy, Clients, community pharmacy, Boru Meda hospital

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