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2019  |  Vol: 4(5)  |  Issue: 5 (September- October) |
Preliminary assessment of Calotropis gigantea leaves extract for in vitro antidiabetic activity

Mohd Shahnawaz, Shambaditya Goswami, Ajay Kumar Shukla*

Department of Pharmaceutical Science, ITM College of Pharmacy, Gida Gorakhpur, India

*Address for Corresponding Author

Dr. Ajay Kumar Shukla

Department of Pharmaceutical Science, ITM College of Pharmacy, Gida Gorakhpur, India



Objective: Application of synthetic antidiabetic medicines can causes many side effects that make it urgent to search for natural originated medicinal substances will be beneficial to human health. The present study was aimed in vitro assessment of α-amylase and α-glucosidase inhibitory potential of Calotropis gigantea leaves, along with possible inhibitor mechanism of petroleum ether, acetone and ethanolic extracts. Material and methods: Phytochemical investigation of petroleum ether, acetone and ethanolic extract, was revealed that ethanolic extract showed the presence of variety of chemical constituents therefore ethanolic extract of Calotropis gigantea leaves was selected for investigation of anti-diabetic activity by using porcine pancreatic α-amylase and α-glucosidase in vitro models. Results: Results of the study was confirmed to possess potential inhibitory effects of ethanolic extract on starch break down in-vitro. Incubation of graded concentrations of the extracts with α-amylase and starch in-vitro resulted in a noticeable decrease in the percentage enzyme activity for Calotropis gigantea. The IC50 values for Calotropis gigantea extract was found 40.0 mg/ml, revealed that ethanol extract inhibited both enzymes in a non-competitive manner. The α-amylase inhibitory properties of Calotropis gigantea leaves extracts may be due to the presence of flavonoids, tannins and saponins. Conclusion: Results can be concluded that the Calotropis gigantea leaves extracts could serve as source of antidiabetic agents which may act through the inhibition of carbohydrate hydrolyzing enzymes.

Keywords: Calotropis gigantea , diabetes mellitus, α-amylase, flavonoids

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