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2019  |  Vol: 4(4)  |  Issue: 4 (July- August) |
Assessment of antiasthmatic activity of Carissa carandas L. leaves

Ajay Yadav*, Ravi Kant Vishwakarma, Alok Pal Jain

Department of Pharmaceutical Science, RKDF College of Pharmacy, Bhopal, India

*Address for Corresponding Author:

Mr. Ajay Yadav

Department of Pharmaceutical Science,

SRK University, Bhopal, (M.P.) India



Objective: The objective of research work was to assessment of anti-asthmatic activity of Carissa carandas L. leaves. Material and methods: Plant Carissa carandas L leaves material was collected locally from Bhopal.  Herbarium was prepared and submitted at department of botany, Safia College, Bhopal for authentication, and was specimen no.301 /Bot/Safia/2018 of the plant. The plant material was extracted with methanol solvent using soxhlet apparatus. The phytochemical tests were performed and investigated the anti-asthmatic activity using goat trachea model.  Result: Anti-asthmatic activity of methanolic extract of Carissa carandas leaves were investigated, with different concentration of extract as 40mg/ml, 80mg/ml, 120mg/ml, 160mg/ml and 200mg/ml respectively. The highest anti-asthmatic activity were found at 200 mg/kg of dose given and 62.213% of protection was observed.which is the very near to the percentage of 91.14% of standard chlorpheniramine maleate.  Conclusion:   The methanolic extract of Carissa carandas L. leaves were showed significant activity on isolated goat trachea chain model. The results of activity confirmed that it is can be used in the treatment of respiratory diseases.

Keywords: Asthma, Carissa carandas L. leaves, extract, phytochemical screening

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