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2020  |  Vol: 5(4)  |  Issue: 4 (July- August) |
Advancement and development of floating drug delivery: An overview

Navneet Kumar Verma*1, Asheesh Kumar Singh1, Amit Kumar Rai2, Wajahat Ullah Khan2, Rama Shankar Dubey3, Ajay Kumar Shukla4

1Faculty of Pharmacy, Buddha Institute of Pharmacy, GIDA, Gorakhpur, (U.P), India

2Faculty of Pharmacy, Kailash Institute of Pharmacy and Management GIDA, Gorakhpur, (U.P), India

3Mandsaur University, Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, India

4Institute of Technology and Management, GIDA, Gorakhpur, (U.P), India

*Address for Corresponding Authors

Navneet Kumar Verma

Faculty of Pharmacy, Buddha Institute of Pharmacy, GIDA, Gorakhpur, (U.P), India



The objective of floating drug delivery system is to attain preferred concentration of the drug in blood or tissue, which is therapeutically efficient and without-toxic for a prolonged time. Various attempts have been made to build up gastroretentive delivery systems like as high density system, swelling, floating system. The current developments of floating drug delivery system with the physiological and formulation variables affecting such as gastric retention, approaches to design single-unit and multiple-unit floating systems and their classification and formulation aspects are covered in detail. This review summarizes all the following parameters such as evaluation, performance and application of floating systems. In order to keep away from this variability, efforts have been made to enhance the retention time of the drug-delivery systems for more than 12 hours. The floating or hydrodynamically controlled drug delivery dosage system are much useful in prolong therapy.

Keywords: Floating drug delivery system, gastrointestinal, gastro retentive system

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